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3003 Aluminum Strip for Radiator Fin


3003 aluminum strip is often used to make radiator fin, which is welded to the radiator water pipe by brazing to form a radiator core. Due to the low yield strength of the aluminum alloy 3003 after brazing during use, the radiator core easily collapses during the brazing process. At the same time, the brazing core body is not high in compressive strength and is easily deformed during use.
To solve this problem, Haomei Aluminum improves the proportion of each alloy elements. It increases the content of silicon (Si), magnesium (Mg), zinc (Zn) and zirconium (Zr) on the basis of the 3003 standard aluminum alloy.
3003 aluminum fin stock
Among them, high content of silicon (Si) can form coarse grains during high temperature brazing process, thereby improving the support strength at high temperature. The ncrease of magnesium (Mg) content can significantly increase the yield strength of the aluminum fin stock and after brazing and improve the overall strength of the core body.
The increase of zinc (Zn) content can reduce the corrosion potential of aluminum alloy, thereby playing an electrochemical anti-corrosion effect, and significantly improving the service life of the radiator. At the same time, adding zirconium (Zr) element can form Zr A 13, which significantly improve the anti-collapse effect of the radiator at high temperatures.
For this application, 3003 aluminum strip is 0.007 mm thick and its collapse value is 10mm in the H14 state at a brazing temperature of 600°C for 10 minutes, while the standard 3003 aluminum alloy has a collapse value of 30mm under the same conditions.
The tensile strength of 3003 aluminum fin stock at room temperature is 205-245 MPa, the yield strength is not less than 160MPa, and a post-weld yield strength is not less than 55MPa. Yet the tensile strength of the traditional 3003 aluminum alloy is 145~195MPa, yield strength is not less than 115MPa, and the yield strength after welding is not less than 35MPa.
Haomei Aluminum is an experienced aluminum alloy manufacturer, providing rich kinds of aluminum strips for different applications. Welcome to leave message below to inquire what you need. 
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