1000 Series

1145 Aluminum Foil Strip

With a minimum aluminum content of 99.45%, aluminum alloy 1145 is a sister alloy of 1235 aluminum. It has high corrosion resistance, good weldability and electrical conductivity. Learn more.

1050 Aluminium Metal Strip

1050 aluminum strip contains more than 99.5% aluminum. Its common tempers are H14, H16 and H24. It is widely used for making PS/CTP plate, lamp material, bottle cap,etc. Inquire now!

1060 Aluminum Strip for Sale

1060 aluminum strip, a kind of pure aluminum strip, contains 99.6% aluminum. It is widely used in transformer, fin stock, metal stamping, cable armoring,etc. What are its main properties? Learn more.

1100 Pure Aluminum Strip

1100 aluminum strip has an aluminum content of 99.00%. It has high corrosion resistance, electrical conductivity and thermal conductivity, widely used in bottle cap, PCB and heat sink. Inquire now!

1070 Aluminum Flat Strip

1070 aluminum strip has some features such as high plasticity, anti-corrosion, electrical conductivity,etc., so it is widely used in transformer, fin stock, window spacer, cable, name plate,etc.

1000 Series Aluminum Strip

This series aluminum strip can be used to process parts which require good forming property and high anti-corrosion, but do not require high strength.