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Process of cable aluminum metal strips


  Cable aluminum metal strips are used for armored cables fixed in one place without moving, and power lines transmit electrical energy. In addition to the above purpose of the cable plus the armor layer, the mechanical protection such as tensile strength and compressive strength can be enhanced to extend the service life. The armor has a certain resistance to external forces and can also prevent rat bites, which will not cause power transmission problems through the armor. The bending radius of the armor should be large, and the armor layer can be grounded to protect the cable.
cable aluminum strips

  The cable aluminum strip is longitudinally wrapped to cover the cable core, overlap a certain width, and the overlap is fused to prevent water vapor from entering the cable core horizontally, while ensuring vertical electrical conduction. The longitudinally sheathed cable aluminum tape layer in the core of the optical cable can improve the compression resistance, impact resistance and waterproof performance of the optical cable, and is now widely used. The longitudinally wrapped armored cable aluminum tape layer is made by a molding die during the processing of the optical cable. The longitudinally wrapped armored cable aluminum tape forming mold includes a longitudinally wrapped mold and a sizing mold, which are mechanically rolled and extruded through the mold. The pressure and other effects make the aluminum cable of the armored cable bent and wrapped. In the manufacturing process, the processing and forming effect of the embossed wide armored cable aluminum tape is better.

  However, in the production of small-diameter aluminum metal strips, because the longitudinally wrapped aluminum cable of the armored cable is narrow and low in strength, and the aluminum cable of the armored cable has a large contact area with the inner surface of the forming mold, the mechanical friction resistance of the two is relatively large. Often, the aluminum strip of the armored cable is broken, which not only affects the quality of the product, but also seriously affects the normal production. If the embossed aluminum cable of the armored cable is used, the diameter of the optical cable will be increased, and the consumables of the aluminum cable of the armored cable will be increased, which is not conducive to reducing the production cost.

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