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Wholesale Aluminium Strip 5mm for Transformer


Many customers don't know how to choose when they first touch the aluminum strip roll of transformers. They don’t have the basic knowledge of the conductivity of the aluminum strip of transformers, or how to calculate its weight. Lets have a look together.
Transformer aluminum strip is a finished product processed with aluminum strip as a raw material. The alloys are generally 1060, 3003 and 5052. Usually the aluminum ingot is melted and processed to form an aluminum coil and then processed into strips. The transformer aluminum strip mainly adopts 1xxx aluminum as the core raw material for the inner winding of the motor.
The conductivity of the transformer aluminum strip 5mm is 35.33, and the resistivity is 0.0283mm^2/m. there is a clear label to guide the industry standard that the conductivity of aluminum under normal conditions is 35.33.
Weight calculation of wholesale aluminum strip 5mm
Formula: aluminum strip thickness (mm) * width (m) * meters (m) * 2.71 (aluminum density)
This is the standard calculation formula for the weight of the finished transformer aluminum strip. Normally, as long as the calculated theoretical weight is basically the same as long as it is processed by pure aluminum.
Which is better for transformer: Copper VS Aluminum
Both copper and aluminum are good choices for the transformer winding. In a long time, copper strips were used as the main material of transformer winding. But let's also consider the advantages of aluminum.
Take 1060 aluminum strip for example. It has excellent performance, stable quality, low density, low price, and more cost-effective. For dry-type transformer, we recommend 1060 aluminum strip for you for its aluminum alloy content is about 99.60%, having better conductivity than other alloys.
Haomei Aluminum is a big aluminum strip roll manufacturer that has different alloys, thickness and width. Welcome to leave message below to inquire what you need. 
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