Aluminum strip for charge air cooler fin

  Aluminum is widely used because of its advantages of low density, good thermal conductivity, easy processing, odorlessness, environmental protection and low price. The use of aluminum foil to make heat-conducting fins of air-conditioning heat exchangers is one of them. Such type of product is known as the aluminum strip for charge air cooler fin.
aluminum strip for charge air cooler fin spec 2
aluminum strip for charge air cooler fin spec 1

  The alloy grades of aluminum strip for charge air cooler fins are mainly 1100, 1200, 8011 and so on. In terms of the angle of use, air conditioners do not have strict chemical requirements for the heat transfer sheet of aluminum. Without surface treatment, 3A21 aluminum alloy has relatively good corrosion resistance, high mechanical properties such as strength and elongation, and high hardness. Which alloy to use depends primarily on the ultimate mechanical properties of the material and the ease with which the ant process can be achieved. For example, the higher purity of 1 100 aluminum alloy is easier to roll, while the 8011 alloy is more difficult.
aluminum strip for charge air cooler

  According to the different mechanical properties required of heat exchanging fins, three tempers of aluminium strips are adopted: H22, H24 and H26. Each state corresponds to a certain range of strength and plasticity. From the current status of the domestic aluminum processing industry, there is no uniform standard for the range of mechanical properties in each state. At the same time, in the actual application, the mechanical performance range of each state is too wide, and the mechanical properties of the product cannot be well controlled to achieve the satisfaction of the user.

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