40mm Aluminium Strip False Ceiling

3004,3005,5005, 5052 aluminum strip false ceiling is favored by building decoration designer due to its lightweight, high strength, good corrosion resistance, good coating effect and beautiful appearance.

3004 aluminum strip ceiling belongs to Al-Mn, which is a typical alloy in this series. It has the advantages of both AL-Mn series and AL-Mg series. The Mg content is 0.8-1.3% and Mn content is 1.0-1.5%. The alloy is a wrought aluminum alloy that cannot be strengthened by heat treatment. It has medium strength, excellent corrosion resistance, weldability, good plasticity and easy processing.

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Most of the 3004 aluminum strip blanks are currently produced by (DC) casting method to produce ingots and then produced by hot rolling. This process is very mature, but the production cost is relatively high. The biggest feature of using the casting and rolling method to produce strip blanks is energy saving, low production costs, and high economic benefits. Therefore, it has important significance to produce 3004 aluminum strip.

Appropriate parameter configuration of casting rolls can ensure the thickness and convexity of the aluminum strip, and at the same time can improve the cooling and lubrication effects to prevent the aluminium strip from sticking to the roll, surface cracks and other defects.

Due to the large crystallization temperature range of 3004 aluminum alloy, it is more difficult to have good control of the casting and rolling production and ensure aluminum strip quality. Therefore, it is very important to formulate a reasonable casting and rolling process parameter matching. Because in this process, the process from melt to casting and rolling into solid metal strip is completed in a small casting and rolling area (generally 45mm ~ 65mm).

In order to carry out continuous casting and rolling stably, many process parameters must be matched well. The main process parameters are: the length of the casting and rolling zone, the casting and rolling speed, the pouring temperature, the cooling intensity and the liquid level of the front box, etc.

The tensile strength and elongation of 3004 aluminum strip decrease with the increase of Mn content. When the Mn content is 1.03%, the elongation decreases sharply, and it becomes flat after 1.04%. Considering the tensile strength and elongation comprehensively, the Mn content should be controlled to the lower limit, that is, 1.0% to 1.03%.

The tensile strength and elongation of 3004 40mm aluminum strip increase with the increase of Mg content. When the Mg content is above 1.187%, the tensile strength increases steadily, while the elongation remains basically unchanged. Therefore, the Mg content should be controlled towards the upper limit that is, 1.19% to 1.30%.

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