Process and Application of Aluminum Strips

  Aluminum strips refers to further processed products of aluminum coil. As important raw material in many industries, they can be divided into eight series, among which only four are the most widely applied: 1000 series, 3000 series, 5000 series and 8000 series. In accordance to different temper states, aluminum strips are classified into three types: O state, H24 state and H18 state. O stands for the softest state. H24 stands for half hard state and H18 hard state. Owing to the fact that most aluminum strips need to be bent or twined, O state proves to be the most popular one.
aluminum strip

  Aluminum strips are commonly process on striping machine groups. Aluminum coils of given width and thickness serves as the raw material. Striping machine cut the coil into needed wideness and length. The striping machines can deal with copper strips as well. At present it has become a global tendency that aluminum strips are replacing copper strips in various industries, because the aluminum can compete with copper in conductivity, and more importantly, it boasts much lower price. Applications of aluminum strips include transformer winding, hollow strip for frequent welding, wings for heat sinks, cable covers, strips for punching and side strips.

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