Aluminium Anti Slip Strips And Brushed Aluminum Strips

The aluminum anti slip strips are aluminum products made by mechanical processing with external forces and have various patterns. It not only has obvious decorative properties and clear texture, but also has a strong anti-skid function. It is the most suitable anti-skid decorative material.

What we usually come into contact with most often is on the bus. If there is sudden acceleration or braking while driving, standing passengers can easily slip. However, because the friction of the aluminum tread plate is very high, the damage to the passengers will be reduced.

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In some factories, the trolleys used to transport goods inside can also be made of aluminum anti-slip plate, which are not only beautiful but also highly safe. Because many goods avoid shaking, the patterned aluminum plate can use the friction of the pattern to reduce the shaking of the goods. If there are many goods transported and the packaging is scattered, there is no need to worry that the goods will fall due to the vibration caused by the movement of the trolley.

The aluminum checker plates are very suitable as a non-slip floor, especially in ships, cars or relatively humid factories. Such places have large instability factors. If a floor with low friction is used, it is easy for people inside to slip and cause injuries. Of course, patterned aluminum plates can also be used on the floors of some public places to prevent the elderly and children from falling.

Metal brushing process is a traditional surface treatment process mainly used for metal products. It can eliminate abrasions, scratches, machining knife marks, etc. on aluminum profiles. The degree of elimination is related to the depth of drawing.

Generally speaking, the greater the depth of drawing, the stronger the ability to eliminate defects on the surface of the brushed aluminum strips. However, for demanding brushing treatments, pretreatment such as grinding or polishing needs to be used to eliminate surface defects of the workpiece in advance, especially for shallow drawn filaments.

It can also improve the texture of the aluminum strips for sale. It provides a good decorative effect for aluminum profiles to increase the aesthetics of the product. This is also a commonly used treatment method at present. Brushed aluminum strips have a wide range of uses in luggage shell manufacturing.

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