What Is 1060 Aluminum Strip

1060 aluminum strip presents a bright and shiny metallic appearance without obvious oxide layers and residues. There are also very few other fine lines and imperfections, which makes 1060 aluminum strip attractive in appearance.

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Physical properties

1060 aluminum strip has good ductility and plasticity, is not easy to break, and is easy to process into products of different shapes and sizes. In addition, the density of 1060 aluminum strip is relatively low and has good thermal conductivity, which can effectively disperse heat and prevent heat loss.

Chemical composition

The main component of the 1060 aluminum alloy is aluminum. Aluminum has good high-temperature resistance. Especially in high-temperature oxidation environments, aluminum can quickly form a dense oxide film, which can isolate air and water vapor, thus protecting the substrate from corrosion and oxidation. Therefore, the chemical composition of 1060 aluminium strip provides a solid foundation for its good high temperature resistance.

Thermal expansion coefficient

In high temperature environments, the thermal expansion coefficient of materials is an important indicator. The thermal expansion coefficient of 1060 aluminum strip is 24×10^-6/K, which is smaller than other metal materials. This means that in high-temperature environments, the 1060 aluminum is relatively less affected by thermal expansion and can maintain better shape and dimensional stability.


he hardness of 1060 alloy is 45HB at room temperature, and its hardness will change as the temperature increases. However, compared with other metal materials, the hardness of 1060 aluminum plate changes less in high-temperature environments and the stability of hardness is relatively good, thus ensuring its service life and performance in high-temperature environments.

Thermal conductivity

1060 aluminum strips for sale have good thermal conductivity, and its thermal conductivity coefficient is 226W/mk. In high-temperature environments, its thermal conductivity will not be greatly affected, ensuring its heat dissipation effect in high-temperature environments. This is particularly important for equipment that requires heat dissipation in high-temperature environments.

Corrosion resistance

The corrosion resistance of 1060 aluminum in high temperature environments is also one of its excellent properties. In high-temperature and humid environments, aluminum elements can quickly form a dense oxide film, which can insulate air and water vapor, thereby protecting the base material from corrosion and oxidation, and improving its service life in high-temperature corrosive environments.

Processing performance

The processing performance of 1060 aluminum strip is also one of its excellent properties. In high temperature environments, 1060 aluminum alloy can be processed by cold working. Its processing hardness is small and it can meet the production needs of components with high precision requirements in high temperature environments.


1. Electronics industry

1060 aluminum strip is often used in the manufacture of electronic components such as batteries, capacitors, and radiators due to its good electrical and thermal conductivity. Its high purity and plasticity enable 1060 aluminum strip to meet the electronics industry's requirements for material stability and processability.

2. Packaging industry

Because 1060 aluminum strip has low density, good barrier properties and oxidation resistance, it is widely used in various packaging materials, such as food packaging, pharmaceutical packaging, etc. Its metallic appearance and high gloss also add to the visual impact of the product.

3. Food industry

1060 aluminum metal strips are widely used in the food industry. The aluminum foil made of them has good moisture-proof, anti-oxidation and heat-insulating properties, and can extend the shelf life of food. In addition, 1060 aluminum strip can also be used to make baking dishes, food cans, etc.

4. Construction industry

1060 aluminum strip can be used in the manufacture of building exterior wall panels, roof panels, ceilings and other components. Its light weight, corrosion resistance and easy processing properties make 1060 aluminum strip an ideal building material.

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