Aluminum Strip for Cookie Cutter

Aluminum strip is a popular material for making cookie cutter that do much more than cut cookie dough into fun shapes. Even if you're not baking, break out the cookie cutters to make pizza, fruit, sandwiches and even salads a whole lot cutter.

The aluminum thin strip can get better brightness and strength by anodizing. It is well known that aluminum and its alloys will oxidize in the air. The oxide film naturally formed on the surface of aluminum is amorphous, which will make the surface of aluminum metal lose its original luster.

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Moreover, it has large porosity and poor mechanical properties, which cannot effectively prevent the further corrosion of aluminum metal by various media in the atmosphere. After anodizing treatment, the surface of aluminum and its alloys can obtain a dense film layer (from tens of microns or even hundreds of microns) that is much thicker than the natural oxide film.

After being processed, the gloss of the aluminum strip surface can remain unchanged for a long time, and the corrosion resistance and mechanical strength are improved. Since aluminum and its alloy products have many characteristics after anodization, the aluminum anodization process is widely used in the surface treatment of aluminum products. It has the following functions:

1. Prevent corrosion

The film layer obtained by anodizing has been properly sealed and has good stability in the atmosphere. Regardless of whether it is obtained from sulfuric acid solution, oxalic acid solution or chromic acid solution in the normal process, its corrosion resistance is very good.

2. Decoration

On the oxide film with high transparency, the oxide film has the characteristics of adsorbing a variety of organic dyes or inorganic pigments, and various bright and bright colors and patterns can be obtained on the oxide film.

3. A hard wear-resistant layer

In sulfuric acid or oxalic acid solution, the process conditions of anodizing can be adjusted to obtain a thick and hard film layer. It is effectively used in the conditions of working under friction, and has the characteristics of lubrication and wear resistance.

4. An electrical insulating layer

The oxide film layer of aluminum and its alloys has the characteristics of high resistance, and the thickness of the film layer is proportional to the resistance. This feature has a certain practical significance as electrical insulation. It can be used as the dielectric of capacitors.

5. Bottom layer of spray painting and electroplating

Because the oxide film layer has porosity and good adsorption capacity, it has good bonding force with paint film and organic film, and can be used as the bottom layer of spray paint. The anodized aluminum strip is often used for kitchenware like cookie cutter and mold.

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