20mm Aluminum Strip for Finstock

The advantages of pure flat aluminum strip are good thermal conductivity, electrical conductivity and ductility, which are are often used in transformers, cable armoring, metal stamping, lampshades, radiator fins, etc. In the H24 semi-hard state, the pure aluminum strip has good bending and punching properties. 1060 aluminum strip is a typical one.

After being processed by professional winding equipment, aluminum finstock can play a high heat dissipation effect, which is a common material in the refrigeration industry, especially in recent years.

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The use of aluminum strips as cooling fins can reduce the cost of raw materials without significantly reducing the cooling effect, and the price of aluminum is only one-third of the price of copper.

Since aluminum strip has good electrical conductivity and heat dissipation performance, the electrical conductivity of aluminum in non-ferrous metals is only lower than that of copper, so at present, aluminum strip is used instead of copper strip as a common material for finned radiators in the world.

Because of good electricity conductivity, aluminum strip is also used for transformer winding. Generally, 1060 alloys, 3003 alloys, 5052 alloys, etc. are mainly used. Usually, the aluminum ingot is melted and processed to form an aluminum coil and it is slit into an aluminum strip. The transformer aluminum strip refers to 1xxx aluminum strip that is used as the core raw material for winding inside the motor.

For getting quality aluminum strip, the first choice is to choose an aluminum coil with a suitable thickness. Before processing, make sure that the thickness of the aluminum coil cannot be mistaken, and then arrange the slitting machine.

The operator should control the slitting width of the slitting equipment according to the actual width. If it can be controlled well, the width tolerance can be controlled within 0.05mm. The slit aluminum strip should ensure the same width, neat edges, and no burrs.

Haomei Aluminum can offer various series and specifications of aluminum strips with a thickness 0.1-3 mm. The width is less than 800mm. 20mm aluminum strip is a popular width. At present, Haomei Aluminum has a large amount of 1060 aluminum strip stocks. Welcome to leave message below to inquire what you need.

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