What Are Uses of Aluminum Metal Strips

Aluminum metal strip for transformer winding is a special-purpose aluminum strip produced for transformer, an aluminum deep-processing products formed by slitting aluminum coils with an aluminum content of more than 99.60%. The main processing equipment for aluminum strip is a slitting unit, which can be cut into required widths according to needs. What are its uses?

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Window spacer

The aluminum strip for window spacer is to use aluminum strip to evenly space and support two or more pieces of glass and their surrounding is sealed tightly, so that a dry gas space is formed between the glass layers. The window spacer is a new type of building material that is excellent in heat insulation, sound insulation and can reduce the building's self-weight.


In suspended ceilings made of mineral fiber boards, aluminum ceiling strips can enhance the decorative appearance of the ceiling support structure. This narrow and thin coated aluminum strip is often used to cover the surface of the T-rail. The strip ceilings are being manufactured in different widths and at any desired length. This feature makes them an ideal solution in many applications and designs.

Lamp holder

To make an aluminum lamp holder, it needs to be stamped first, and then tapped into a spiral shape. The flexible aluminum strips needs to be relatively thin and able to withstand pressure. Therefore, the 3004 aluminum strip with high mechanical strength, uniform structure and deep drawing performance is used for this application.

At present, Haomei Aluminum adopts hot rolling technology and has a good control of the composition of the material and the casting and rolling process. It always maintains high temperature uniformity during the annealing and final annealing processes, so that our aluminum strip has good deep drawing quality, sufficient strength and good formability.

Haomei Aluminum has two aluminum strip cutting production lines, which can cut aluminum strips according to the width required by users. For products with high surface requirements, a film can be used during the slitting process to avoid scratches. The cutting accuracy of the aluminum strip can be controlled within 0.05mm, and the inner diameter and outer diameter can be processed according to user requirements.

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